• Food and Wine

    Food on board the Absoluut2 is always of the highest standard and can definitely be termed ‘gourmet’. Below is a selection of starters, main courses and desserts that give an illustration of the types of dishes you can expect to savour once on board. Wines and cheeses are served with lunch and dinner, and there are always some surprises in store!

    Starters -

    Garlic prawns
    Stuffed mushrooms
    Chicken liver flambéed in Armagnac salad
    Smoked salmon salad
    Foie Gras with fig jam on brioche
    Salad chevre chaud (hot goats cheese salad)
    Puréef garlic on lemon buttered frogs legs
    Gnocchi verde (green gnocchi pasta)
    Smoked duck fillet salad
    Seared tuna on green asparagus

    Desserts -

    Crème Brulée
    Chocolate mousse
    Crèpes Suzette
    GM soufflée
    Tarte Tatin
    Main Courses—

    Pork fillet cream mushroom
    Lott / turbot meneure
    Fillet au poivre (fillet of steak with pepper sauce)
    Salmon with lemon vinaigrette capers
    Fresh corn fed chicken breast
    Fillet of venison
    Duck fillet in Drambuie marmalade
    Tornados Rossini
    Seafood crèpe
    Lamb fillet

    Vegetable Accompaniments -

    Broccoli almonds and nine chips
    Pommes de terre au gratin in individual moulds
    Spinach in individual moulds
    Beans wrapped in bacon
    Honey glazed carrots
    Green peas puréed
    Snow peas
    Green asparagus

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