Food and Wine

The gastronomy aboard Alegria will vary a lot … You will taste some typical French local dishes as well as the best French gastronomy. Every meal will be accompanied by different wines, both local (the St-Chinian, Minerve, Corbières are becoming more and more renowned) and from other regions of France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, etc. ...) straight from the wine fridge on board. You will never be offered the same wine twice during the week (unless you insist on drinking one that you particularly loved again!)

For your added pleasure, they set your table with different services for breakfast, lunch and dinner: from the festive one through the ethnic one to the classic one. When weather permits you can have your meal outside on the deck.

Your Chef will cater specifically for you and might even share some of his cooking tips as he prepares a dish. And ... they will also offer you some meals off the barge in some excellent restaurants. During the week you can count on at least two meals on land … and you can discuss all these possibilities while you are holding a glass of Champagne on board...

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