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We returned home yesterday from our trip to Europe which included travelling on your barge La Belle Epoque from 8/31 to 9/6. We enjoyed our experience very much thanks to a wonderful crew under the leadership of Capt. Nick. He set the tone and made the difference.
Dennis & Beau

We found the crew and dining experience on La Belle Epoque exceptional. Multi-talented Captain Nick not only operated the technical areas of the barge, but also proved to be an extremely knowledgeable and informative tour guide during our shore excursions. Talented chef, Philippe, prepared delightful, gourmet meals with ingredients and recipes indigenous to the region. Expensive French wines, cheeses and breads were to die for. The entire crew was helpful and friendly creating the impression that all of us were on our own, fully-staffed private river yacht.
Steven B. Stern, author of "Stern's Guide to the Cruise Vacation" and "Stern's Guide to the Greatest Resorts of the World."

We just returned from a fabulous week about La Belle Epoque. The crew was wonderful, and made our trip so pleasant! Our hostesses, Lynn and Barbara were so pleasant to be around and took such good care of us. The chef, Guy, prepared wonderful meals with a wonderful variety of regional tastes. We really appreciated that he kept the meals fairly light as requested (I didn't even gain a pound!). Our first mate/tour guide Nick Jones was delightful and very knowledgeable and capable. He made us feel very at home. Finally, our captain, Leigh Wooton was just wonderful. He welcomed us aboard with open arms and made us feel safe while keeping us entertained.

What a way to have a vacation. It was great to escape the real world. As the one who dreamed up this trip, thank you for making it come true—better than I could have dreamed of.

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