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Here are just a few of the wonderful things that
past clients have had to say about their cruise on the CAROLINE...

... Thank you for one of the loveliest voyages in my life - the beauty of the sycamore trees lining the canal, the calming influence of the water, the magnificent scenes of vineyards and churches and villages - Uli, your knowledge of the region and precise craftmanship and skill in navigating through locks, under bridges - mooring and taking off - Marvelous! Ute - your wonderful and constant care of the boat, of Uli and of us - and your superb meals - Delicious! Your warm and generous personalities - Beautiful! All these made our week voyage most memorable for our whole family -
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Barbara, Hal

... Wow! Life aboard "Caroline" with Uli and Ute is a welcome relief from our all-too-busy lives in Los Angeles, California. We love it! The endless passing of the plane "sycamore" trees and the perfect sunny countryside. The "glou-glou-glou" of the engine expertly handled by Uli thru the narrow bridges. The exquisit lunches prepared fresh by Ute every day, along with the wonderful table settings, so great every breakfast. The cocktail "hour" that lasts all afternoon into the last night (if we would allow it). The musings of Piere- Paul Riquet who build the Canal du Midi in the 1600s and the history we sail past. Being here with my eighty (plus) year old parents, my brother and my wife enjoyed each others company ... and the various restaurants, near where we happen to dock or the BBQs we cocked ourselves on the top deck. I am very grateful to be alive and able to experience this adventure. Thank you!
Chris T. from L.A., California

... this has been a trip of a lifetime far exceeding our expectations. From the moment we stepped on Board near Capestang we were made to feel like royalty and nothing was too much bother. Your warm hospitality & relaxed natures made the experience all the more enjoyable. Ute, it is dificult to find the right words to describe the gourmet meals that you prepared so expertly for us - one word probably sums it up best - MAGNIFIQUE!
Uli, your knowledge of the wines of the region and your skill of matching the wines to the food Ute had prepared was masterful and really appreciated. It was also a pleasure to watch you skipper the Caroline with such precision - even under some trying circumstances. The many trips you undertook for us to visit wineries and villages were also much appreciated - not to mention the early morning to the local boulangerie for the most fantastic breads, pastries and croissants. The presentation and detail that has gone into the Caroline is an indication of the love and thought that has gone into making the Caroline so much more than a barge - its an EXPERIENCE.
It has been a privilege getting to know you and to share the Caroline with you and great friends.
Love Dennis & Karen

... We came expecting "a relaxing week on the canal" but go with memories of one of the most enjoyable times of our "travelling" lives. 2007 is a year of the Rugby World Cup but if there was a "World Cup for Barging" - Team Caroline would be the winner!
Elaine and Sid

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