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    Where is it?
    North of Paris on the River Seine. Rouen, Honfleur and Le Havre are all popular destinations whilst cruising in this region. The Mont St Michel is about three hours drive from here.
    What are the cruises like?
    Charming, and often influenced by the Impressionist art movement as Monet’s house and gardens at Giverny plus van Gogh’s village of Auvers sur Oise are not to be missed. This is also an area steeped in history of the Second World War and you’ll have the opportunity to visit its very moving cemeteries and war memorials.
    How does this area compare with others in Europe?
    Normandy is a very refreshing area of France because of its slightly cooler temperatures, and is the perfect place to cruise in freedom on the majestic River Seine. Starting or ending your cruise in Paris really does feel special, and allows you to explore this dazzling capital either pre or post cruise. The River Seine is majestic and wide, offering open horizons and clear views of the marvellous landscape. Rolling hills and distant church spires will enchant you.
    Why would I want to cruise here?
    - Follow the trail of the Impressionist art movement on your cruise through the heart of Normandy.

    - You’d like to explore little fishing ports such as Honfleur with their colourful boats clustered in the quaint harbours on the north French coast.

    - You’d like to enjoy the best quality, freshest seafood available anywhere (though this is not obligatory!)

    - Because you’d like to cruise through Paris by night and experience her illuminated in all her glory.

    - Because you’d like to visit the Normandy landing beaches and visit the War Memorial at Caen and the American Cemetery.

    - Or, simply because you love France and this is another wonderful region to cruise through, enjoying fine cuisine and wine as you go!
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    Spectacular cliff formations on the north France coastline at Etretat…. (above)

    For a small, intimate cruise, why not try La Chouette (see pictures below) which has a maximum capacity of only 6 guests—perfect for a group of friends or a family!
    La Chouette and saloon (above) plus double cabin (above right)
    Bob and Bobbie Marsland (above) are your charismatic hosts and crew aboard La Chouette. Always full of fun and laughter they’ll ensure you make the most of your northern French odyssey! So, why not get a group of friends together and be welcomed aboard...?
    How can I travel to this area?
    As well as the extensive road network, there are several airports and train stations in this region:

    TGV train stations
    • Paris
          City centre:
            Montparnasse, Gare du Nord
            Gare de l'Est, Gare de Lyon
          Outer city:
            Versailles, Massy-Palaiseau
            Marne-la-Vallee, CDG airport
    • Mantes-La-Ville
    • Rouen
    • Le Havre
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