Cruising in the Loire Valley
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The following barges cruise in this area:

Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
NYMPHEA $4000-$5000
6 guests

The elegant Nymphea cruises next to the fairy tale chateaux in the heart of the Loire Valley (right). A refined but cosy interior and spacious high sun-deck (bottom-right) make her the perfect hotel-barge for exploring the Loire valley— a glistening jewel set into the rolling landscape of central France.

Where is it?

couple of hours south of Paris. Tours and Blois are the major cities in this region.

What are the cruises like?

Gentle and dreamy; idyllic. What could be more special than cruising past magnificent, fairy-tale chateaux built centuries ago by families of wealth and great influence and designed by architectures of great distinction? The chateaux on this route will really take your breath away. The Loire valley is the longest in France and can be very wide in places. Its sister river the River Cher is smaller and can feel more intimate.

How does this area compare with others in Europe?

It really is the land of fairy-tale châteaux more than any other in France, and this will definitely feature as a large emphasis of your cruise. The landscape and towns are, of course, delightful and good weather and a lot of sunshine is usually enjoyed here. Much of the architecture in the large towns reflects the style found in the centre of Paris, as historically it was the ‘playground of the rich and famous’ in times gone by and influential Parisians or Royal Palace Courtiers, often built their grand homes here... Fields of sunflowers and green, leafy glades characterise the countryside.

Why would I want to cruise here?

Chateaux that will leave you ‘wowed’, fine wines now becoming very fashionable in Paris and further afield, beautiful landscapes, interesting museums and you want to cruise in a region with style, on a barge with style...

How can I travel to this area?

As well as the extensive road network, there is an airport and several train stations in this region:

  • Tours 'Val de Loire' Airport - 6km from the city centre.
    A small airport offering scheduled flights to European and North African destinations.
TGV train stations
  • Tours (ville)
  • Tours St.Pierre des Corps
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