Cruising in the South of France

Cruising in the south of France is a unique experience, and there are numerous beautiful stretches of waterway that make it so.

From the lesser-known Bordeaux cruises on the Canal Lateral à la Garonne in the south west, close to the Atlantic Sea, this graceful canal runs down through the busy and cultural centre of Toulouse city, then becoming the Canal du Midi. This gentle ribbon of water then wends its way towards marvellous Carcassonne, past Beziers and finally through to ancient Agde on the Mediterranean Sea.
From here you continue the odyssey across the salt water lagoon called the ‘Etang de Thau’ to Sète, France’s oldest Mediterranean fishing port.
From Sète the Canal du Midi becomes the Canal du Rhone à Sète as it takes you into the very heart of the vast area of natural beauty that is the Camargue region, then on to Provence— home of many artists, past and present—winding its way then past Arles and up to Beaucaire, where the canal joins the River Rhone.
From here the majestic River Rhone sweeps you up through the ‘Côtes du Rhone’ wine-producing region to the huge and historic city of Lyon.

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Images of the South of France

Each section of the southern French waterways has its own character, and each is charming in different ways. Click onto any of the links above left to find out what you’ve been missing! The South of France waterways run from the south west of France (Bordeaux area) to the Mediterranean and then through Provence up to Lyon.

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