• The following barges cruise in this area:
    Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
    ALOUETTE **Special Offer Available**
    4 guests
    ANJODI $4000-$5000
    8 guests
    EMMA $5000-$6000
    6 guests
    ESPERANCE $4000-$5000
    6 guests
    ESTELLO $2000-$3000
    20 guests
    ETOILE $3000-$4000
    8 guests
    NAPOLEON **Special Offer Available**
    12 guests
    LE PHENICIEN $3000-$5000
    18 guests
    ROI SOLEIL **Special Offer Available**
    6 guests
    SAROCHE $4000-$6000
    6 guests
    SOLEO $2000-$3000
    22 guests
    Where is it?
    The Canal du Rhone a Sète is the waterway that will take you through these two regions on a fascinating journey of discovery. The Camargue covers 780 sq km (300 sq miles), lying between the Grand and Petit Rhône Rivers, south of Arles, and is sparsely populated.
    Much of the Camargue is wild salty marshland and this provides a natural haven for a wide variety of wildlife - particularly birds and horses. There are wild herds of white horses, as well as flocks of birds such as flamingos, egrets, ibises and bee-eaters, resident in the Grande Camargue and the smaller adjoining Petite Camargue.
    Provence is the area that surrounds the Camargue and encapsulates the countryside around Avignon, Arles and Aix-en-Provence. Known for its lavender, poppy fields, sunflowers, olives and glorious colourful landscapes, artists have flocked here, and still do, to paint the superb scenery.
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    The Esperance (above) and Le Phenicien (below) - two excellent reasons to go to the Camargue and Provence region.
    What are the cruises like?
    A fascinating mixture of nature, history and architecture in this region that was so influenced and shaped by the Romans and Greeks in past centuries…. Arles, of Greek origin, boasts an almost perfectly preserved Roman Amphitheatre, while the splendid fortified port town of Aigues-Mortes is a maze of small cobbled streets around a central square—still enclosed by medieval walls. Beautiful, quiet and the ideal place to relax and unwind.... Les Baux and St Rémy de Provence are stunningly beautiful country villages with gorgeous boutiques and atmospheric cafés where you can stop and linger for a while, soaking up the atmosphere. Under the warm Provence sun, many artists - Cezanne, Van Gogh , Picasso, Matisse were inspired by the dazzling light that bathes the area.

     The Camargue at sunset…(below)

    Gorgeous lunches in the shade of the warm sun… Yes, life is easy on L’Etoile and Esperance (left), both cruising wonderful routes in Provence and the Camargue, taking in all the marvellous sites along the way...some of which are so special they don’t even tell you about them until you’re on board!

    Camargue Cruise highlights may include

    • The famous herds of white horses, black bulls and flocks of pink flamingos

    • Wine tasting by the Mediterranean

    • A visit to the mediaeval fortified town of Aigues-Mortes

    • The Roman viaduct at Pont du Gard

    • The ancient city of Avignon and its famous ‘Palais des Papes’ (Palace of the Popes)

    • Visit to Arles and its Roman remains

    Provence Cruise highlights may include

    • Arles - with its Roman Amphitheatre and Van Gogh’s final home

    • The mediaeval town of Aigues-Mortes

    • Tour of Avignon - City of Popes, Pont d’Avignon and St. André’s Fort

    • Wine tasting at Chateauneuf du Pape

    • The Roman remains of Nîmes

    • 9th century monastery of St. Guilhem

    Relax on the sun deck and watch the sun go down aboard the elegant Le Phenicien (above left). On the Napoleon (above right), wake to a dreamy continental breakfast of fresh fruits, yoghurts, croissants and pastries, butters and jams to take your breath away, plus fresh coffee or tea of course, or anything else that your heart desires...

    How does this canal compare with the others in the south of France?
    Very favorably! With probably the best weather in France you’re sure to have a super cruise. Intricate waterways will fascinate and surprise you as you wend your way through the region lying between the calm Canal du Midi and the majestic Rhone River.
    Why would I want to cruise here?
    If you need any convincing, just read the above again! - Because of the fantastic weather, landscape, Roman and Greek history, nature, culture, food and wines that are readily available in the region, and the beautiful barges and their crew who will be delighted to share everything that this delightful region has with you.
    How can I travel to this area?
    As well as the extensive road network, there are several airports and train stations in this region:
    • Montpellier International - 9km from the city centre
      A large airport offering flights all over Europe and North Aftrica, including many daily shuttle flights to and from Paris
    • Beziers - 14km from the city centre
      Offers scheduled flights from some European airports
    • Nimes - 12km from the city centre
      Offers scheduled flights from some European airports
    TGV train stations
    • Beziers
    • Montpellier (St.Roch)
    • Nimes
    • Avignon
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