Client Quotes

Here are just a few of the wonderful things that past clients
have had to say about their cruise on the CLAIR DE LUNE...

What a wonderful odyssey made perfect by the special family you all are. Gold medals for everyone.
The Becherer Clan

Merci beaucoup pour une semaine dans la paradise!!
Sally, Ellen, Alan, Michael. USA

Thank you for the AMAZING food. Especially for the dessert because there is really no point to dinner if there is no dessert
Molly B, Oak Park

What a crew! You’ve made this the week best vacation – you are a very special team , we appreciate all of your pampering.
Susan & John, CA, USA

To all future “bargers” this is a trip of a life-time. Each meal was surpassed by the next.
Melody & Claude

This is probably the most fabulous, luxurious trip I will ever take. I have never eaten so well, relaxed so deeply and enjoyed myself so much.
Sarah S Chicago, IL, USA

This was ‘a magical time with a heavenly crew, dining on glorious food in blissful surroundings’.
Ariene, Baltimore

This day will be added to the savings account of my live because I am proud and happy to have lived it. You have turned that day in to a full week of absolute and total wonder.
Jocelyn, Canada

This past week could not have been more enjoyable or memorable!…Thanks for making this so special for our family.
Jacques & Audrey, Jocelyn – Krista, Weston, CT, USA

A wonderful week of barging, with great weather and delicious food and wines; what a marvelous crew!! Thanks to each of you for your contribution to our week.
Edward & Robin , Dave & Nancy , Gordon & Teresa. MD, USA.

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