• Cruising in Paris and the Ile-de-France on the River Seine...
    The following barges cruise in this area:
    Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
    GOLDEN ODYSSEY $7000-$8000
    6 guests
    LA NOUVELLE ETOILE $6000-$7000
    8 guests
    PANACHE $4000-$6000
    12 guests
    SAVOIR FAIRE $4000-$5000
    12 guests

    If you wish to cruise through the heart of Paris, perhaps by night as on the wonderful Anacoluthe , then you should consider the following barges and one of their varied itineraries that will take you through the heart of this glittering capital city.

    Choose from the Golden Odyssey (above right, just approaching the Cathedral de Notre Dame), Panache (right), the Absoluut2 (below right), Savoir Faire (very bottom right) or the La Nouvelle Etoile (very bottom right). These fabulous barges take from just 6 to 50 people and offer a range of itineraries which pass through the heart of Paris. Please note some of them are only available for a limited number of weeks per year, so please ask us to check if your cruise is available on your preferred date.

    The ultra-luxurious Golden Odyssey gliding elegantly through Paris, above

    The grand Absoluut2 cruising near Paris, above

    The Savoir Faire (above left) and La Nouvelle Etoile, (above right) are also both very luxurious and spacious barges which cruise through Paris (and Champagne and other regions).

    How can I travel to this area?
    As well as the extensive road network, there are several airports and train stations in this region:

    TGV train stations
    • Paris Gare du Nord
    • Paris Gare de l'Est
    • Paris Gare de Lyon
    • Paris Gare de Montparnasse
    • Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport
    • Marne-le-Vallee Chessy
    • Massy-Palaiseau
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