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The following barges cruise in this area:

Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
8 guests
PANACHE $4000-$6000
12 guests

Belgium is often overlooked in favour of so-called ‘grander’ destinations, but there’s a huge wealth of Belgian tradition, history, art and culture that it would almost be a crime to pass by without finding out more. It’s not just waffles, chips and mayonnaise either! Our ultra- luxurious hotel-barge and ‘pride of Belgium’, the Golden Odyssey, will, amongst others, prove this to you! So please, read on...

Where is it?

To the north-west of France, Belgium lies between France and Holland.

What are the cruises like?

Packed with marvellous surprises—take a horse-drawn carriage ride around Bruges, ‘Cultural Capital of Europe’, sample a gargantuan array of excellent beers, feast on fine seafood fresher than you’ve ever tasted before, visit art galleries, tapestry shops, antique dealers , visit First World War battlefields, make a private visit to a 16th century Belgian farmhouse for a sumptuous evening meal... the possibilities are endless, not to mention the museums, monuments, fountains and wonderful barge to guide you through this feast for the senses!

The ultra-luxurious Golden Odyssey, cruising through the heart of Belgium (above right) is everything you have ever dreamed about… grand, spacious cabins with generous bathrooms be-decked with solid authentic English fittings, including a large bath tub. In addition to the central heating, the huge salon has a beautiful wood-burning fire, and plenty of space to relax. The large dining table is bedecked each meal time with copious proofs of Tracey’s years of chefing. The huge sun deck and ondeck heated pool (above right) completes this vision of luxury and barging decadence, based in Ghent, Belgium.

How does this area compare with others in Europe?

It’s a fantastic place to barge as fewer people are aware of the many treasures it holds. This means it is calm, feels rather elite, and you will always receive a very warm welcome. The waterways themselves are very historic as barging is in the blood of the Belgians, and you’ll cruise under delightful flower-covered bridges, in and out of charming towns with tall, narrow houses clustered together, and through open, unpolluted countryside.

We at The Barge Company are committed to increasing awareness of the beauty of Belgium, so if you are interested in cruising here, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to share more information with you.

Why would I want to cruise here?

- Because you want to cruise somewhere new and exciting, and are keen to experience the treasures of a beautiful land.

- Because you are interested in European history, art, architecture and more..!

- Because you love good food and would like to experience seafood at its best.

- Because you like beer and wish to taste a variety of some of the very best in the world.

- Because you love nature, wildlife, clear, fresh air and want to escape from a hectic lifestyle for a while.

- Because you wish to be pampered on one of our inviting barges cruising in this area

Images of Belgium - Golden Odyssey suite
Images of Belgium - Elegant dining

Above— a decadent lifestyle awaits you on board the gorgeous Golden Odyssey barge, based in Ghent. She can also cruise through various areas of North East France (such as Champagne and Paris), so please e-mail us if you are interested.

Images of Belgium - Cosy saloon
Images of Belgium - Paris bridge

How can I travel to this area?

Flying to Belgium makes a lot of sense for many of our clients. Here are the main airports of interest in this cruising region:
  • Brussels International (Zaventum) - 10km from the centre of Brussels.
        The busiest and largest international airport in Belgium, offering flights to destinations throughout the world.
  • Charleroi (Brussels South) - 60km from Brussels, 4km from Charleroi
        Offers scheduled European and North African flights.
  • Antwerp - 4km from the centre of Antwerp
        Offers scheduled flights to the UK. Also available for general and charter aviation use.
  • Liege - 8km from the centre of Liege
        Offers scheduled European and North African flights.
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