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We are delighted to be able, from time to time, to represent hotel-barges in the Czech Republic, cruising between Prague, capital city of The Czech Republic, and Potsdam, in historic Germany.

Cruise from this dignified capital through Swiss Saxony, know for her spectacular sandstone cliffs to Dresden, often referred to as 'the Florence of the Elbe' due to her stunning Operas Zwinger and Frauenkirche.

Cruise on then to Meissen, famed for its world class porcelain and on to Potsdam and the superlative palace of Frederic the Great and the park of Sanssouci.

Available only occasionally, please contact us for information about exact Czech cruise dates.

Images of the Czech Republic

Where is it?

The Czech Republic is located to the east of Germany, as per the map above. Your cruise will either begin or end in Prague and begin or end in Potsdam as cruises are in reverse direction on alternate weeks.

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