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Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
MAGNA CARTA $3000-$5000
8 guests

Cruising in England on the Royal River Thames is the absolute height of decadence. For centuries English monarchs have savoured the pleasures of boating on the Thames, so why not come and try it for yourself?

Royal Palaces, private stately homes, country watermills, the rowing Regatta at Henley, the Queen’s perfect white swans, Eton College and many other prestigious venues and interesting cultural experiences await you on our luxury hotel-barge cruises. Follow in the footsteps of royalty, as you experience the heart of traditional England whilst floating on your private luxury hotel.

Where is it?

The River Thames runs between Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds, through London to join the sea on the east coast. It has run this course for half a million years and the finest stretches of the River Thames are enjoyed to the west of London, between Windsor and Oxford, exactly where our two luxury hotel-barges cruise in splendour through the lush English countryside.

What are the cruises like?

Utterly charming! On these cruises you will experience the prettiest, lushest, most verdant scenery, from flowery meadows dotted with grand, ancient oak trees, to fields of ripe corn swaying in the warm breeze and gentle woodland as you glide next to the rushy banks and islets on your gentle journey through the heart of England. Quaint towns and villages will welcome you here and there as you moor up to explore, and the private visits to stately homes and prestigious places of learning such as Eton and Oxford Colleges, will leave you with an authentic feel for the very cream of English culture and heritage. Interesting museums, traditions and customs will be explored and revealed to you wherever you go. This is definitely a ‘must do’ cruise.

Images of England - The Magna Carta barge
The spacious and luxurious Magna Carta (above)
Big Ben (below left) welcomes you to London, where you can enjoy the bright lights and cultural riches of this exciting capital city- either pre or post cruise.

The Magna Carta (far left) takes up to 8 guests, booking on an individual cabin basis or as a whole boat private charter.
Images of England - Dining on the Magna Carta Images of England - A cabin as twin or double Images of England - Serene cruising on the River Thames
Left to right, above— the beautiful Magna Carta dining table, a delightful twin cabin and cruising serenely on the River Thames

Why would I want to cruise here?

This is a truly special waterway. The richness of its history and the land through which it wends is incredible. The river itself is surprisingly intimate and on your cruise it is nowhere near as wide as it is in the centre of London. The multitude of interesting possible excursions along this wonderful route make cruises on the Thames astound you and you will realise that you were missing out on something really beautiful before your remarkable cruise through the heart of England. Most people who have cruised here wish they could return to the gentle tranquillity and the restfulness that was theirs during their cruise.

Why would I want to cruise here?

- Because you are seeking a quaint and gentle cruise through the heart of majestic, historic countryside. The weather is never intensely hot so those sensitive to the sun can really relax in this mild but often sunny climate. For sun-seekers July and August are the best months to cruise.

- Because you will be delightfully surprised by the quality of the excellent cuisine on these barges—much of which has its roots in the best of traditionally English fare.

- Because you enjoy cycling or hiking—there are great routes through the most gorgeous countryside. Maps and compasses can be provided!

- Because you are fascinated by history and perhaps also’re sure to learn a few little- known facts about the English royal family (past and present!) on this cruise!

- Because you enjoy private tours of places no member of the public is usually allowed access to, such as certain stately homes and historic buildings of note.

Images of England - Spacious stateroom Images of England - Ensuite bathroom

The regal Magna Carta on the River Thames… From left to right—a beautifully appointed bathroom, fun on the sun deck and one of her spacious staterooms.
Images of England - Sun deck

How can I travel to this area?

Flying to England makes a lot of sense for many of our clients. Here are the main airports of interest in this cruising region:
  • London Heathrow - 20km from the centre of London.
        The busiest and largest international airport in the UK, offering flights to destinations throughout the world.
  • London Gatwick - 25km from the centre of London
        Offers scheduled international flights.
  • London Stansted - 45km from the centre of London
        Offers scheduled international flights.
  • London City - 5km from the centre of London
        Offers scheduled European and UK Domestic flights, plus a single service to New York.
In addition to major airports, there are several smaller airfields and aerodromes in this region suitable for private aviation use:
  • Oxford Airport - 8km from the city centre.
        Offers scheduled flights to the British Channel Islands, and is also available for private charter flights.
  • Northolt Jet Centre - 20km from the centre of London.
        Operated by London City Airport this airfield is available for private charter flights.
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