Cruising in Holland

The following barges cruise in this area:

Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
8 guests
PANACHE $4000-$6000
12 guests

Where is it?

Northern Europe, above Belgium!

Tranquil but active, cruising calm, natural landscapes or through small, pretty towns with tall, clustered houses full of flowers and gentle activity. The famous springtime Tulip Cruises are one of the best ways to experience this amazing country, and you’ll be a visitor to the famous Keukenhof Gardens to marvel at the acres and acres of brightly coloured flowers. Cruises in Holland can be very romantic due to the supremely ‘stress-free’ atmosphere that pervades this small country. An ideal honeymoon or wedding anniversary cruise destination.

Images of Holland - Traditional windmills Images of Holland - Fields of tulips

Windmills and tulips….traditional Dutch sights (left)
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Holland… land of friendly, chilled-out people, with pretty windmills perched on distant hillsides, ponds, lakes and canals flowing in every direction.  There are so many waterways that it would be totally impossible to mention them all here. Just know that you’ll be in safe hands and sure to have a great time!

The luxurious Nouvelle Etoile (below) and also the Absoluut2 will ensure that your trip to Holland is a perfect success. Tulip cruises are usually offered from March/April thru mid May.

How does this area compare with others in Europe?

It’s very relaxed and supremely friendly. Meandering gently through pretty countryside, nothing is hurried and you will really feel the benefit of the slower pace of life. The open, welcoming countryside is perfect for exploring by bike as it is largely flat.

Barging has been a way of life for centuries for the Dutch, so you’ll be welcomed as one of them! There is much history and culture to be enjoyed on these cruises too, should you wish to — it’s not all flowers and windmills. World-class porcelain at Delft, and numerous museums abound. If you have a specific interest, let us know!

Images of Holland - Panaches on-deck jacuzzi

Panache’s large on-deck jacuzzi (left) - perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s sight-seeing. The large suites (below left) and spacious contemporary lounge area make the Absoluut2 a delightful barge to be aboard. With fine wines and fantastic food you’ll want to repeat the experience...

Images of Holland - Absoluut2 suite
Images of Holland - Absoluut2 cruising
Images of Holland - Absoluut2 lounge

Why would I want to cruise here?

- Because perhaps you’ve cruised in France before and wish to experience something different but equally delightful.

- Because the landscape is so different—open, often flat, perfect for cycling and feeling liberated!

- Because you want to be ‘wow-ed’ by the Tulip production and would love to buy authentic Delft porcelain (it can be shipped home).

- Because you have a romantic celebration to enjoy.

- Because you don’t seek intense heat—the Dutch climate is very mild and pleasant.

- Because everyone speaks English!

- Because you love barging and will adore our barges in Holland!

Images of Holland - Savoir Faire barge moored
Images of Holland - Savoir Faire barge dining area
Images of Holland - Savoir Faire barge lounge area

Above— the beautiful Savoir Faire, barge cruising in gentle sunshine in Holland. The supreme La Nouvelle Etoile cruising below with a maximum of 8 guests in ultra-luxurious surroundings— huge staterooms, large tiled en suite private bathrooms with double washbasins and oversized showers. Even an elegant piano (below right).

Images of Holland - Nouvelle Etoile barge cruising
Images of Holland - Nouvelle Etoile piano

How can I travel to this area?

Flying to Holland makes a lot of sense for many of our clients. Here are the main airports of interest in this cruising region:
  • Amsterdam Schipol - 15km from the centre of Amsterdam.
        One of the busiest and largest international airports in Europe, offering international flights to destinations throughout the world.
  • Eindhoven Airport - 60km south-east of Rotterdam.
        Offers scheduled European flights.
  • Groningen Airport - 150km north-east of Amsterdam.
        Offers scheduled flights to certain UK destinations and several mediterranean destinations.
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