Cruising in Ireland

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Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
10 guests

Ireland—with its reputation for some of the lushest, most beautiful natural scenery in the world - offers a stunning location for cruising.

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The Shannon River is a tranquil and friendly waterway, with many places of interest to moor up and take in the fresh, clean air and breathtaking natural panorama that surrounds you. The friendliness of the people coupled with the genuine warmth of the Irish cultural heritage, will inspire you and you may find yourself wanting to stay! Lovers of nature, fresh, unpolluted air and food, and history will especially adore this cruise.

Where is it?

The Shannon River runs from the centre of Ireland to the south west of Ireland, although our cruises are only on the lower reaches of the river. This is often said to be the most beautiful and unspoilt area of ’the emerald isle’.

What are the cruises like?

Cruises on the Shannon Princess II will probably surprise you. The barge itself is exceedingly spacious, with every comfort considered and factored into your barging experience, whilst the warmth of the Irish people and willingness to share their significant cultural heritage, will surely delight you. The cruise route itself is a profusion of lakes, gentle river, green pastures and wide horizons. Wildlife and nature abounds. Fishermen, hikers, naturalists alike will delight in this region.
Your cruise on the Shannon River may include ancient old country inns and pubs, magical islands with castles nesting atop them or ruined Celtic settlements. There are also some excellent shopping excursions to be enjoyed!

The spacious Shannon Princess II (above and right) and the typical stunning Irish scenery.

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Organic, fresh food, local cheeses and a super range of wines await you on the Shannon Princess II!

How does this river compare with others in Europe?

Excellently. The wide, gentle Shannon River ranks highly as one of the most beautiful in Europe. The green landscape and peachy sunsets will make this trip very worthwhile!

Why would I want to cruise here?

- Because you love beautiful countryside and natural havens where you can watch the birds and hear them sing, whilst still cruising in extreme comfort. You want a barge with all mod-cons but a cruise through a ‘real’ land of vibrant people and authentic hospitality.

- Because you want to taste the fantastic traditional Irish cuisine (most of which is organic) and experience the much spoken of Irish charm. You also like to visit real Irish pubs and hear good, live music (often a possibility—the Irish at their very best!).

- Because you like a moderate temperature and not the extreme heat of southern Europe.

- Because you are fascinated by the history and culture of this wonderful island—perhaps you have relatives here and would like to return to know more of your own roots?

Images of Ireland - Shannon Princess moored
Images of Ireland - Live music
Images of Ireland - Delicious food

Feast on gourmet cuisine on the Shannon Princess II, much of which will be centred around traditional Irish recipes and always using local, fresh produce, much of it organic. Enjoy traditional Irish music on board as the sun sets (as above, middle picture). The Shannon Princess II will always has a very authentic, traditional atmosphere on board.

Ireland is known for its wonderful fishing, in clear, fresh, unpolluted waters.
Ruairi, your Irish barge Captain, can easily organise a days fishing excursion for those who wish to give it a try. Small boats such as those in the picture to far right can allow access to the quieter waters allowing for better fishing and more private relaxation. Entire fishing charters can also be accommodated for groups of up to 10 people.

Images of Ireland - Fishing Images of Ireland - Rowing boats moored up

How can I travel to this area?

Flying to Ireland makes a lot of sense for many of our clients. Here are the main airports of interest in this cruising region:
  • Dublin Airport - 10km from Dublin.
        Offers scheduled European and east-coast US flights.
  • Shannon Airport - 24km from Limerick.
        Offers scheduled European and east-coast US flights.
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