Cruising in Italy
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Images of Italy - Cruising the on the river
Cruising the Rivers of north east Italy.

The following barges cruise in this area:

Barge Name Price Range (per person) and Maximum number of guests
LA BELLA VITA $3000-$5000
20 guests
Cruise in Italy on the Bella Vita, taking in the many sights and flavours of Venice, the River Po and the Venice Lagoon.

The charm and romantic mystique surrounding Venice and this part of Italy is not to be found anywhere else in Europe. Our cruise on the River Po and in and around the Venice lagoons is not to be missed.

Where is it?

Venice is located on the southern coast of northern Italy.

What are the cruises like?

This is a wonderful cruise destination with a variety of opportunities to experience, including Venetian Opera, theatre, the unique city of Venice itself, purchasing of the famous hand-crafted glassware, shopping for fine Italian clothes, jewellery and shoes, and learning more about the Venetian way of life and legends of the Middle Ages.

There is much to experience on this odyssey into the Italian culture and sure to be something appealing for art lovers, historians, gourmets and romantics alike. So let the fairy tale begin!

How does this area compare with others in Europe?

Getting around by boat has been in the blood of the Venetians since time began, so there’s plenty to enjoy by hotel-barge in this region. The area has a vibrancy that can thrill and inspire, so be ready for a grand time. Culture abounds and it’s well worth making sure you have the energy to do and see as much as possible in this unique corner of Europe.

Images of Italy - Handmade lace Images of Italy - Historic regatta

Wander the back streets of this marvellous city and see intricate, hand-made lace work being created and sold in the small, narrow streets of Venice, as per this lady (left).

Special Historic regattas take place on the Venetian waterways (see right). We offer cruise weeks to coincide with these so watch our ‘Specials’ page closely, or contact us for exact dates.

Why would I want to cruise here?

- Because perhaps you’ve cruised in France before and wish to experience something different but equally delightful.

- Because you want to be ‘wow-ed’ by the Italian architecture, galleries and romanticism, and perhaps would love to buy authentic handmade glassware (it can be shipped home).

- Because you have a romantic celebration to enjoy.

- Because you enjoy Mediterranean sunshine—the Italian climate is very warm and pleasant.

- Because you enjoy the gorgeous Italian food...

- Because you love barging and wish to explore a new destination.

How can I travel to this area?

Flying to Italy makes a lot of sense for many of our clients. Here are the main airports of interest in this cruising region:
  • Venice (Marco Polo) - 5km from the centre of Venice.
        Offering scheduled flights to many European and a few North American destinations.
  • Verona - 10km from the centre of Verona
        Offers scheduled flights to European and North African destinations.
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