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My wife, six friends, and I just spent six days on the L’Art de Vivre, from June 6th until the 12th. We wanted to convey to you what a magnificient experience it was for us all. First, permit me to set the stage. The planning phase for this particular vacation began over two years ago. My wife, her best friend, and her best friend’s sister-in-law all reach their milestone 50th birthdays this year. These delightful ladies were determined to celebrate together in an epic fashion. We husbands were considered fortunate to just be considered as potential invitees. The ladies, after extensive research, an exchange of point-and-counterpoint data that would make any barrister proud, and the inclusion of a sister and her husband, made the penultimate decision that said vacation would be: in France, on a barge cruise, and the L’Art de Vivre was to be the vessel of choice. This was based on both the Burgundy location and your company’s favorable reputation; but, more importantly, that our party of eight (presuming the husbands made the guest list cut) could book the entire barge. Sixty years ago, Operation Overlord elicited only slightly more planning, though conceding somewhat on import. So, as you may surmise, referring to this undertaking as merely a vacation is a vast understatement, unless all letters are capitalized, underscored several times, and perhaps backed up by a heavenly chorus.

Simply put, the Captain and crew of L’Art de Vivre nailed a perfect “10”……The barge itself was everything we had hoped for, the French countryside idyllic. But what truly made this event special were the warmth, consideration, and thorough professionalism of the crew. Julien, Dean, Rebecca, and Jean Sebastian provided a thousand and one personal touches and flourishes that made this a cruise for the ages. They unhesitatingly put forth any extra effort needed to add to our enjoyment. Please extend to them our deepest appreciation. As well, extend our sympathies to your other Captains who, though undoubtedly capable in their own right, must pale in comparison to Jules’ masterful stewardship. Again, thank you for providing such a delightful holiday for our merry band. Rest assured that we will highly recommend barging on L’Art de Vivre to our friends here in the colonies.

We have arrived back in Australia after and extended holiday in Europe. We and 4 of our Aussie friends had an amazing week aboard the L'Art De Vivre commencing 27th June. The crew consisting of Julian Allsop, Dean Savage and Rebecca Chew were a pleasure to be with. Julian is very knowledgeable about his wines, Dean is a magician in both the driving and maintenance on the barge and Rebecca couldn’t do enough to help us and a pleasure to be around. The locations we went to and the restaurants they recommended were first class. We certainly would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who asks. Should we or any of our friends choose to go barging again they will be the crew we ask for.
Graham and Faye

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