Client Quotes

Here are just a few of the wonderful things that past clients
have had to say about their cruise on the LE PHENICIEN...

“This was a great vacation! The crew (you all) took wonderful care of us. The excursions, the terrific food & wine, the whole French experience, the barge itself was special! We are spoiled for any other kind of vacation! We'll be back.”
P & B Hendrix, SC, USA

“Michel, Bertrand, James, Nathalie, Max, Fabien...We had an excellent vacation. Thank you for being so nice to us and especially nice to our Willy worm (13 month-old son). We are so very excited to come again!
Best of luck.”
M, H and W C, San Francisco CA, USA

“...Loved everything! Excellent food, friends, service, ambiance! hope we can come back soon. C'est magnifique en Provence.”

“Bonjour - what a wonderful experience this week has been. You show everyone all the love and kindness. Everyone is truly a friend to all. May you all continue to enjoy good health - may all of your family prosper in the business that provides such happiness to so many!
The food, the wine and your friendship will long be remembered!”

“J'ignorais qu'une péniche voyage parfois sur un petit nuage...LE PHENICIEN a su nous enchanter... Merci à tous.
C C - Brasilia - Brésil

“Translation: "I did not know a barge could sometimes cruise on a little cloud...LE PHENICIEN charmed us all...Thanks to you all."

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