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Here are just a few of the wonderful things
that past clients have had to say about their cruise on the LUCIOLE...

Probably the most relaxing, fun-filled week we’ve ever had. We love the meals and the superlative crew members.

The entire experience was wonderful. I felt like royalty due to the outstanding crew. The barge was very comfortable and the food and wine were delicious and beautifully presented. My eyes were full, my heart was full, and my tummy was full! I hope to go again on Luciole.

Deserving of at least *****

Lucullan, sybaritic and vastly informative. The crew and other passengers all felt like on big happy family.

This was a beautiful, peaceful stretch of canal at a perfect time of year. The fields were spectacular in color and the flowers fragrant and beautiful. Our tours were outstanding with a perfect mix of history and human interest. The crew were both efficient and fun.

From the pick-up to the drop-off, it was perfect. The scenery was wonderful, and the crew could not have been more courteous or knowledgeable.

The crew made the trip! They totally pampered us. The cuisine was superb. Wines and cheeses were described in detail and elegantly served. Tours enriched the trip, especially the depth of knowledge shown by Michael.

Luciole exceeded all our expectations. The beauty of Burgundy and the outstanding crew made out trip fatastic. We met wonderful fellow cruisers and quickly made friends. We can’t wait to ‘barge’ again.

The blend of relaxation, history, gastronomy, exercise and camaraderie were exactly proportioned to provide a well-rounded vacation.

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