Sample Itinerary
Burgundy Canal cruise between Dijon and Vandenesse

Cruise route map
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Day 1
Check in at Vandenesse
At the meeting point of Chateau la Chassagne, Pont de Pany near Dijon, an air-conditioned bus will transfer you to the barge. You are welcomed on board with a "Kir Royal" by the crew and it's captain and an unforgettable cruise is about to begin in Burgundy.
Every evening an exceptional dinner in true french atmosphere in a nearby restaurant or on board of the «La Reine Pedauque» is served, introducing you to regional specialties and wines with great names. The bar and sun deck provide a warm atmosphere to share drinks with fellow passengers. Of course, all drinks served on board are "all inclusive" and available around the clock.

Day 2
Cruise from Vandenesse to Pont d'Ouche
The Captain has a hard day's work ahead, with many locks between Vandenesse and the destination of Pont d'Ouche, the navigation is very interesting. A wonderful occasion for you to enjoy the countryside as the barge glides along the canal. While you have a hearty breakfast, La Reine Pedauque leaves the port of Vandenesse and begins to pass through the first locks (there is a total of 45 locks during the weeks cruise). Arriving in the village of Crugey at midday, the chef will enchant you with a typical Burgundy menu. After the lunch time break the barge continues the voyage to the tempo of the canal locks to Pont d'Ouche. When your hotel barge is moored, you will be invited to visit Chateauneuf en Auxois which you passed by today. Walk into this medieval village with its cafes, antique and curiosity shops along the picturesque streets. There is also a fantastic view over the Auxois plains, with lakes and the distant Morvan hills.
The Reine Pedauque Barge - Medieval hospice of Beaune
Medieval hospice of Beaune

Day 3
Cruise from Pont d'Ouche to Gissey-sur-Ouche
Today the barge cruise will take you into the magnificent Valley of the Ouche, a journey back in time passing through a unique landscape as the canal twists through the narrow valley. You will have many occasions to be sportive with walking and cycling along the tow-path.
La Reine Pedauque will pass through the villages of La Buissière-sur-Ouche, Saint Victor to Gissey-sur-Ouche. There the barge is moored in a hidden romantic spot, beside the river Ouche and a Gallo Roman bridge, one of the most photographed and painted views.
Today the passengers will be taken to an exclusive wine degustation in the wine cellar at Château la Chassagne. This evening the traditional farewell party for passengers that booked the Mini-Cruise is celebrated. But first, the winner of our traditional Petanque match 'passengers : crew' has to be found. Passengers and crew will have a lot of fun! Beginning with cocktails on board, you will learn the art of "Sabrage", slashing open a Champagne bottle with a sword, like the Dukes of Burgundy did hundreds of years ago. Then everybody will be in the right mood for a great farewell dinner.

Day 4
Grande excursion to Beaune for the 7 day cruise passengers
Check out / check in 4-days / 3-nights Mini cruise passengers
Today you will make an excursion to the capital of Burgundy wines, the town of Beaune. You'll be in some of the finest vine yards of France, such as Aloxe Corton, wine tasting some of the greatest Crus, with expert advice from wine Connoisseurs. Lunch is offered in an traditional restaurant, with the vines in the background and dishes to delight your palette. In the afternoon, there is plenty of time to visit the famous Hospices de Beaune built in 1443 and stroll along cobbled streets with boutiques of all kinds. The return to the barge takes you through the "Hautes Côtes" vine yards and past the source of the river Ouche. A special diner for you - and as welcome for the new passengers who have booked the Mini Cruise on the second part of your journey - will be served.

Day 5
Cruise from Gissey-sur-Ouche to Fleurey-sur-Ouche
As the valley slowly unfolds, the barge passes through the charming villages of Saint Marie-sur-Ouche and Pont de Pany, with Chateau la Chassagne on the hill side. The barge heads on to the village of Fleurey-sur-Ouche. There are many opportunities to use the mountain bikes and explore the surroundings or a short walk to a nearby café. Once moored in Fleurey-sur-Ouche there are possibilities to discover more about the region, from Gallo-Roman ruins to feudal castles with dramatic histories. Today the passengers tell the guide where they would like to go: For example la Route des Grand Crus, Clos Vougeot or Nuit Saint Georges. On returning to the «La Reine Pédauque's» mooring, your diner will delight you with carefully prepared dishes and selected wines. Like every other day, typically French so "Bon Appetite".

Day 6
Cruise from Fleurey-sur-Ouche to Dijon
On today's journey the barge will follow the route via Plombières les Dijon. La Reine Pedauque passes beside the "Lac Kir", built for Canon Kir, once mayor of Dijon, after whom the famous aperitif was named. The barge finally arrives in the splendid port of Dijon, near the heart of the city. The ancient palace to the powerful Dukes of Burgundy, Notre Dame, Rue de la Chouette are just some of the splendours of Dijon, the city of a hundred bells. As Dijon is the world's capital of mustard, an assortment of local mustards is offered to you as souvenir. For tonight's cocktails on board you can learn the art of "Sabrage", where you can slash open a Champagne bottle with a sword, like the Dukes of Burgundy did hundreds of years ago. Then everybody will be in the right mood for the grand farewell diner.

Day 7
Check out at Dijon
After a copious breakfast, passengers will generally disembark at about 10:30 am. Depending on your personal plans we will take you back to Chateau la Chassagne or the railway station at Dijon.


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