Client Quotes

Here are just a few of the things that past clients have had to say about their cruises on the ROI SOLEIL...

Without question, the best travel experience I have ever had in my life—and, yes, I have travelled quite a bit. Cuisine, special guided tours, boat exceptional, staff extraordinary!!!!!!!!!….beyond perfect. Karen Whitehouse (the Hostess) is an extraordinary person. Anticipated every need. Brilliant, funny, set just the right tone for every occasion. An amazing person. (Meals and wines were) way beyond perfect. Don't even know where to begin with Dean. The Roi Soleil should be famous just for his cooking. He could be the head chef at any 5 star restaurant. Wines impeccable.

Beyond anything I could have dreamed!

There wasn't anything about the trip that wasn't a peak, peak experience. Cannot imagine another travel experience that could top this one. We sang, swam, danced, ate, drank, laughed, recited poetry, created art, and enjoyed each other in one of the most beautiful, peaceful, intimate settings imaginable. Nothing will ever top our trip on the Roi Soleil. Karen, Dean, Finnegan and Pijke have to be the finest crew in Europe. We'll miss them always!!

We have been extremely busy since our return and just do not have time to fill out this questionnaire right now. We are actually going out of town tomorrow again! However we do want to give you feedback - in a word: extraordinary! We have travelled pretty extensively and had some wonderful cruises on Radisson and Windstar. This beat them all! It was great working with you and everything about the Roi Soleil was phenomenal - from the owner to the crew to the accommodations to the food to the cruise route and special excursions. We have been raving about this since our return. As the result, we will be booking another cruise through you next year with other friends……….There is no way to improve on this!

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