Client Quotes

Here are just a few of the wonderful things that past clients
have had to say about their cruise on the SAVOIR FAIRE...

The feedback below came from a retired submarine Commander of the USN

“Dear Captain Chris,
What a magnificent holiday you provided us on Savoir Faire! We will long remember the superb treatment we received from you and your outstanding crew. Every detail was totally perfect and delightful. Certainly, every meal with all its complements was a very special treat. We have already found it difficult to describe to friends and relatives the very exceptional gourmet treatment we received. Jan and I are especially grateful for the caring consideration shown to us, especially with my handicap. Each crew member extended the utmost care and kindness, and I thank you all for that. The complete day-to-day itinerary was exceptional, and we cannot think of any way it could have been better. Each place we visited was absolutely fascinating. We tried to capture bits of it with our camera, but our mind's eye really must be the final portfolio. And the weather! Probably not from the hand of Savoir Faire, but it could not have been more perfect, and it certainly added to our delightful trip. We have tried to explain that "we planned it that way," but only get polite nods. I remain most impressed with Savoir Faire herself! Granted, she is an older vessel, but what a lovely barge she is indeed, elegant in every aspect, and certainly beautifully cared for. It was a special pleasure to enjoy such comfort and I will remain very much impressed with the skipper's skilful and amazing ship handling! Never a flaw. Thank you Captain and your delightful crew for a perfect voyage. Most sincerely, Jan and Bill Eddy”

And from a very distinguished international private charter group:

“Thank you for the perfect retreat - a time of fellowship, great food and guest hospitality.”
"All the adjectives seem inadequate to express the delight and pure pleasure of these days and nights with you. All of you were wonderful"
"As we mature we find ourselves valuing most 'generosity of spirit'. All of you, all six of you, exemplify and personify it. We thank you for everything, more than we can adequately express"
"In our hotels, we always strive to provide warm, friendly and unpretentious service so our guest can optimize their experience with us. You and your team have achieved what we dream of doing - finding the right platform and execution that has allowed us to enjoy our experience completely. Gracias por todo"

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