If you think the gourmet food and wine at every mealtime may be a bit too much for you, or you’re looking for a more economical cruise, why not try the ‘light’ option of one of the following Half Board or B+B Cruises?

Half Board Cruises...
This means you eat breakfast and either dinner or lunch on board each day (may differ from barge to barge). One meal is then enjoyed off the barge at your own expense, each day. This gives you the chance to explore the local ‘eateries’ and perhaps even practice your language skills!

Glorious Half Board Cruises are available on the following barges — (See pictures to the right)

The Caroline, cruising on the Canal du Midi (see right)

The Colibri cruising on the Canal du Midi and Bordeaux region

The Emma on the Canal du Midi

The Etoile cruising in Provence/Camargue, on The River Rhone and Burgundy (see right)

The Esperance cruising in Provence/Camargue (see right)

This way of cruising can help keep costs down, and is sometimes simply more suitable for families or those clients who wish to have more contact with the local people and get to grips with ‘the real France’!

Click on pictures to right, or click the barge links in the text to review the full barge details.
B+B Cruises...
This means your breakfast is provided for you on board each day, but you decide where and how to eat at lunch and dinner times. You may either benefit from the experience of your barge crew to suggest where you dine, or simply explore for yourself and make your choices as you please. You choose how you lunch and dine, and how much you wish to eat. Again, a great cruise for families!

These cruises are great fun and the added flexibility means you make your own vacation as you go along. Excursions and the use of the barge minibus are not included in this arrangement (though they can be hired at extra cost), and you will need to get to and from the barge yourself, but the full services of a Captain and Rope Person to drive the boat, plus a hostess to clean your room daily will be yours, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

La Chouette Barge
Bare Boat Cruises...
This type of cruise means that you pay only for the barge to cruise the itinerary, with no meals or excursions included. This is perfect for clients seeking their own adventures and those who are happy to find their own meals at local bistros, cafes or restaurants along the way.
Not only does this keep costs down, but you’re sure to go home with wonderful memories.

Available only on Esperance barge (see right) cruising in Provence/Camargue (can also cruise on the Canal du Midi, subject to availability).

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