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FINE DINING supported by wonderful wines is one of the most important aspects of our barge cruises. All of our barges pride themselves on the quality of the cuisine and wines they serve on board, and in most cases the dining experience compares favourably to a top class restaurant. On many barges the standard not only equals it, but easily surpasses it. The highly experienced and celebrated barge chefs that share their skills with you and your party are what makes this possible, plus of course the graciousness of your barge hosts and the elegant (or cosy) dining facilities.

Fabulous desserts... Some of our barges offer special ‘Barge and Cook’ (see the Etoile) or ‘Wine Connoisseur’ cruises. This is an opportunity to learn how to shop for the freshest ingredients, then make key French dishes that you can enjoy even when you’re back home. On wine cruises you will learn how to read wine labels (what they actually mean!), how to choose your wines and match them with meals, plus visiting many great vineyards and sampling their produce.

ON WINES… Even on the classic cruises, our barge owners choose their wines very carefully and you may find yourself sampling a Premier Cru of exquisite quality. Equally, you may sample fine wines from the various regions of France that you would never be able to try anywhere else. Most barges have an extensive wine list for you to enjoy, and if you are a wine connoisseur there will always be someone to enthuse and compare notes with!

BREAKFASTS are usually an extensive buffet of croissants, pastries, fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts, fruit juices and choice of tea, coffee, etc. (For ultra-spectacular home-made breakfast treats, try the Shannon Princess II in Ireland!) Cooked breakfasts are usually available however.

LUNCH may be a formal dining experience of several courses, or an extensive buffet laid out beautifully, with wines to accompany of course.

Champagne on ice... DINNERS are usually the most formal of all meals, with up to 5 or 6 courses (depending on the barge), possibly a different wine for each course, and usually finishing off with coffee, chocolates and optional liqueurs.

Enjoy wonderful desserts on the Clair de Lune and Anjodi (below right), fine champagne and glorious continental breakfasts on the Napoleon, Amaryllis, Fleur de Lys, Hirondelle and Alouette (bottom middle). Sumptuous starters (below left) and a bedecked dining table (below left) are the order of the day on the charming Luciole barge.

As you browse our barge pages you’ll notice for each barge we have a ‘Food and Wine’ page. This is aimed at providing you with an insight into cuisine on board—perhaps a sample menu, a word from the chef or the barge owner on the food or wine that you can expect on board— and sometimes even prized information on the glorious cheeses and wines that you’re likely to savour! Information varies from barge to barge of course, but we’re confident that it will give a very helpful insight into the gastronomy aboard each of our lovely barges.

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